TBN UK has moved to a new Freeview provider, please see below:



Why can’t I see TBN UK on Freeview anymore?

TBN UK has moved to a new Freeview multiplex called PSB3. This move allows TBN UK to reach more households than ever before. We are still on channel 65, and still broadcasting in SD, but if you have an older Freeview set-top box or TV you may need to re-tune or upgrade to HD-compatible equipment to continue to have access to TBN UK.

For help with retuning, please contact Freeview on 03456 505050 or visit their website. Please also see this BBC guide to retuning.

If you have retuned and are still not able to see channel 65, please check Freeview’s troubleshooting guide. It might be that you need to upgrade to HD-compatible equipment first – check to see if you can receive BBC1HD on Freeview channel 101.

If you need to upgrade, you can purchase a new HD-compatible Freeview box that plugs into your existing television from around £35 from high street stores such as Argos or Currys PC World or from supermarket stores such as ASDA or Tesco. Before purchasing, please check whether you need a SCART or HDMI input – if you need help with this, please contact Freeview.

In some cases you might be eligible for assistance from the charity WaveLength.


This new Freeview multiplex allows us to now reach 100% coverage when previously there were parts of the UK unable to receive our signal, even with the latest equipment. Furthermore, moving to this new platform enables us to commit to another 7 years on Freeview, allowing us to continue broadcasting life-changing Christian television free-to-air.

How can I watch TBN UK?

TBN UK broadcasts on Freeview channel 65 and Sky channel 582.

We also stream live online, and our original programming can be watched On Demand.

You can also watch TBNUK wherever you are with the new TBNUK App, available on Apple iPhone/iPad/TV, Android/Google, Amazon Fire and Roku. Just search 'TBNUK', or use the below links to download on your device:

Download on the Apple App Store.

Download on the Google Play Store.

Is TBN UK on Freesat?

No, but you can watch TBN UK on satellite without a monthly subscription from Freesat from Sky.

Can I receive TBN UK in Europe?

You can find TBN UK on the Astra 2G satellite – for tuning details, click here.

Why is TBN UK not on Virgin Media? 

We’ve been in discussion with Virgin Media about TBN UK being one of the channels on their main platform. Despite our best efforts, Virgin continue to say they have no room for TBN UK, the UK's largest faith and family network, on their main platform.

If you would like to view TBN UK on the Virgin Media Platform, then please contact their communications team at: or telephone at +44 (0) 333 000 2900