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  • Sun 01 Apr
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  • 12AM

    TBN PLAY [Worship Block]

    We praise and worship the God of the Bible as we express our love and awe of who He is.

  • 12:30AM

    Enjoying Jubilee Life with Tope Koleoso

    In this series Pastor Tope Koleoso from Jubilee Church London, walks through some practical ways that you can live a faith-filled and courageous life, using the life of King David as an example.

  • 1AM

    No Wonder They Call Him The Savior

    In this special Easter mini-series, bestselling author Max Lucado takes you through the drama of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Bringing to life the events of Passion Week in the iconic sites of the Holy Land.

  • 1:30AM

    The Call To Ministry

    Bishop Wayne Malcom wants you to fulfil your calling at work.

  • 2AM

    Grace Shouts Louder

    Grace Shouts Louder with Ray Bevan

  • 2:30AM

    Game Changers

    Join Gavin & Anne Calver as they invite you to encounter Jesus and become all you can be in Him, empowering you to be a Game Changer in the world we live in.

  • 3AM


    Inspiring talk and music at the intersection of faith, culture and current trends.

  • 4AM

    The Treasures Of Grace

    Emmanuel Ziga is the Evangelist and President of Grace For All Nations Ministries International, and Senior Pastor and Founder of The Grace Alliance Church.

  • 4:30AM

    Joseph Prince

    New Creation Church with Joseph Prince

  • 5AM

    Live with Passion

    Live with Passion - Father Cedric

  • 5:30AM


    Grassroots with Angus Buchan

  • 6AM

    Spring Harvest

    Catch up on all the best teaching and worship from Spring Harvest 2017.

  • 6:30AM

    Demystifying The Kingdom Of God

    Alan Scotland, Founder of Global Horizons, explores what it means to walk in the Kingdom of God.

  • 7AM

    Turning Point

    Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

  • 7:30AM

    Winning Walk

    Winning Walk with Dr Ed Young

  • 8AM

    Joseph Prince

    New Creation Church with Joseph Prince

  • 8:30AM

    The Spirit Contemporary Life

    World renowned speaker and writer, Leon Fontaine' Spirit Contemporary approach to all areas of life will captivate you with thought-provoking and timely messages. Leon, along with his wife Sally are the senior pastors of Springs Church, one of the largest inter-denominational churches in Canada with six campuses in four cities.

  • 9AM

    Jesse Duplantis Ministries

    Jesse Duplantis is a dynamic evangelist who has traveled throughout the world since 1978 preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • 9:30AM

    HTB Church

    Catch up on the latest Sunday services from Holy Trinity Brompton, a vibrant Anglican church in London.

  • 10AM

    Word For Today

    For nearly 20 years, Bob Gass and his wife Debby have been writing The Word for Today as a spiritual kick-start to the day.

  • 10:05AM

    Power Point

    Power Point with Jack Graham

  • 10:30AM

    Freedom Church

    Freedom Church is led by senior pastors Gary and Heather. They are creative, full of laughter and are sold out for the church.

  • 11AM

    Heaven On Earth

    Teaching series from Bethel Church

  • 12PM

    Daniel Kolenda

    Christ For All Nations with Daniel Kolenda

  • 12:30PM

    Cornerstone – John Hagee

    Pastor Hagee is committed to change the world by being obedient to the Great Commission, to win the lost to Christ. His hard hitting preaching and wit is what makes John Hagee.

  • 1:30PM

    The Catholic Guy Bruce Downes

    The Catholic Guy Bruce Downes seeks to “Inspire you to Dream” by living life to the fullest through a practical, life application teaching that grows your life and faith.

  • 2PM

    Life Church with Steve and Charlotte Gambill

    Welcome to Life Church, a vibrant, multi-cultural church with locations across the UK. Join Pastors Steve and Charlotte Gambill for a powerful message from their Sunday Service.

  • 2:30PM

    Ravi Zacharias

    Distinctive in its strong evangelistic and apologetic foundation, the ministry of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is intended to touch the heart and intellect of viewers.

  • 3PM

    The Potter's Touch

    The Potter's Touch with Bishop T.D. Jakes

  • 3:30PM

    Everyday Answers

    Everyday Answers with Joyce Meyer

  • 4PM

    Leading The Way

    Leading The Way with Michael Youssef

  • 4:30PM

    Robert Morris

    The Blessed Life with Robert Morris

  • 5PM


    Andrew Owen is founder and senior pastor of Destiny Church, Glasgow.

  • 5:30PM

    Word and Spirit

    R.T. Kendall, author and pastor of Westminster Chapel for over 25 years, presents some of his favourite messages from his many years in ministry.

  • 6PM

    Joel Osteen

    Overcomer with Joel Osteen

  • 6:30PM

    Word For Today

    For nearly 20 years, Bob Gass and his wife Debby have been writing The Word for Today as a spiritual kick-start to the day.

  • 6:35PM

    The Call To Ministry

    Bishop Wayne Malcom wants you to fulfil your calling at work.

  • 7PM


    Join Michael White, Pastor of The Tabernacle Church, Lewisham.

  • 7:30PM

    Partner Time

    Hear from the team at TBN UK about what is going on this week at the London Studios.

  • 8PM

    Praise: No Wonder They Call Him The Savior

    Join Matt and Laurie Crouch, Joel and Victoria Osteen, and author Max Lucado in the heart of the Holy Land, Israel, as they accompany viewers on an unforgettable journey to discover the wonder behind the greatest miracle of all time.

  • 9PM

    Grace Shouts Louder

    Grace Shouts Louder with Ray Bevan

  • 9:30PM

    Naturally Supernatural

    Join Andy Croft and Mike Pilavachi as they bring you the best interviews, talks and times of worship from the Naturally Supernatural Conference 2017. Equipping the church to move in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • 10PM

    TBN Conferences

    TBN conferences brings the very best from christian events around the globe.

  • 11PM

    Winning Ways

    Winning Ways with Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

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