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VeggieTales Movie: Jonah

A fussy asparagus makes his way across deserts and seas to deliver a message from God to a sinful city.

  • Saturday 04 Aug 12PM


In the wake of his daring rescue of a complete stranger, decorated firefighter Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron) realizes the extent to which he has failed as a husband. In a desperate attempt to save his relationship with his wife, Catherine (Erin Bethea), Holt turns to "The Love Dare," a Christian self-help book. At the prompting of his devout father, John (Harris Malcom) -- and guided by the book itself -- Holt embarks on a 40-day mission to rescue his marriage from the looming specter of divorce.

  • Saturday 04 Aug 8PM

VeggieTales: God Loves You Very Much

The follow up to the smash hit God Made You Special, this new compilation features stories that show uniquely how God cares for us in all kinds of situations!

  • Saturday 11 Aug 12PM

VeggieTales: If I Sang a Silly Song

This incredible, one-of-a-kind collection features the BEST of the BEST from 20 years of VeggieTales Silly Songs!

  • Saturday 18 Aug 12PM

Second Chances

After an auto accident, a girl gains the strength to overcome her injuries through her bond with a horse.

  • Saturday 25 Aug 12PM

The Last Brickmaker in America

A hardworking laborer loses passion for his work until he becomes a mentor to a 13-year-old boy.

  • Saturday 01 Sep 12PM