TBN UK Movies


The Bouquet

Two estranged sisters torn apart by their differences suddenly find themselves working together towards a common goal in the heartwarming drama, The Bouquet.

  • Saturday 02 Jun 12PM

Between The Walls

A man (Patrick Midgley) uncovers a family secret when he learns about the repossession of his childhood home.

  • Saturday 02 Jun 8PM

Behind the Mask

A young client (Matthew Fox) saves the life of a doctor (Donald Sutherland) who runs a center for the mentally impaired.

  • Saturday 09 Jun 12PM

Celtic Pilgrimage

Journey through Ireland, Scotland, and England to discover how Celtic nations received the gospel of Christ.

  • Saturday 09 Jun 8PM

Heart of a Hero

Twelve-year old Trey Caldwell is shattered after the death of his father, leaving a hole in the boy's life ... and an unfinished Soap Box Derby car in the garage.

  • Saturday 16 Jun 12PM

The Woodcarver

A troubled youth vandalizes a church and winds up in a close association with the woodcarver whose work he destroyed.

  • Saturday 16 Jun 8PM

Sarah's Choice

A young woman (Rebecca St. James) on the verge of a successful career considers having an abortion.

  • Saturday 23 Jun 12PM

A Second Chance

A girl and her coach overcome adversity and make it onto the National Gymnastics Squad.

  • Saturday 23 Jun 8PM

Faith Like Potatoes

South African farmer Angus Buchan (Frank Rautenbach) and his family travel south to start a better life.

  • Saturday 30 Jun 12PM

The Encounter

Five strangers are forced to come together at a remote roadside eatery due to a road closure. The diner's omniscient owner, however, seems to know everything about them and claims he is Jesus

  • Saturday 30 Jun 8PM