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Like A Country Song

Jake Reeson's ego often gets in the way of things. With nothing but partying and music on his mind, Jake is forced to take a hard look at himself as his life falls apart.

  • Saturday 03 Feb 12PM


Simone kills a man as he is assaulting her, and she is charged with murder. She hires attorney Jack Evans to help prove her innocence, but he cannot stop the prosecution from bringing up things from her past.

  • Saturday 03 Feb 8PM

The Perfect Stranger

'THE PERFECT STRANGER' tells the story of Nikki, a troubled attorney who one day receives a mysterious dinner invitation from a man claiming to be Jesus of Nazareth.

  • Saturday 10 Feb 12PM

Pendragon: Sword of his Father

In the year A.D. 411, Artos, a former slave, joins the British army to battle invading Saxons.

  • Saturday 10 Feb 8PM

Another Perfect Stranger

A teenager (Ruby Marie Lewis) bonds with an unlikely friend who shares her disdain for religion.

  • Saturday 17 Feb 12PM

Not A Fan: A Follower's Story

The Not a Fan Movie, "A Follower's Story" is an adaptation of the original DVD series to a full-length feature film.

  • Saturday 17 Feb 8PM


A mentally impaired youth who interacts with beings he calls "watchers" is asked to testify as a defense witness at a criminal trial.

  • Saturday 24 Feb 12PM


Devastated by the loss of his son, a man adopts a boy who has leukemia.

  • Saturday 24 Feb 8PM

Belle And The Beast

Belle Watson agrees to work for a reclusive millionaire to pay off a debt. As Belle gets to know him, she sees a kinder side to him than just the rough, rude exterior as society knows him.

  • Saturday 03 Mar 12PM

The Wedding Chapel

Uninspired and newly single painter Sara is down on her luck and wants nothing more than to get away from her problems.

  • Saturday 03 Mar 8PM

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