TBNUK Highlights

Better Together

Better Together is TBN’s first daily original program made by women for women! We discuss faith, family, friends and so much more—no topic is off limits. We are building a community of women committed to doing life together and making our world a better place.

  • Monday 10:30AM
  • Tuesday 10:30AM
  • Wednesday 10:30AM
  • Thursday 10:30AM
  • Friday 10:30AM

Creation in the 21st Century

Where scientific discoveries connect with your Christian life. Using a combination of creation, biblical astronomy and archaeology to build a solid case for Jesus Christ.

  • Wednesday 6:30PM
  • Saturday 10:30PM (Repeat)

Discovering God

Discovering God with Shawn Bolz unpacks this reality: the names of God are literally invitations for us to discover the aspects of his nature that give us life in all its fullness.

  • Tuesday 9:30PM
  • Wednesday 3:30PM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 3AM (Repeat)

Drive Thru History: Acts To Revelation

Beginning in Jerusalem and using the Book of Acts as his roadmap, Dave travels and explores the Mediterranean region to share the events that launched the Christian faith.

  • Wednesday 5PM
  • Friday 12AM (Repeat)

Drive thru History: The Holy Land

Dave Stotts speeds through ancient civilizations, the Holy Land, and the founding of America, giving you a fast-paced encounter with the people, places, and events that shaped our world and the Christian faith.

  • Tuesday 11:30AM (Repeat)
  • Thursday 9:30PM
  • Saturday 5PM (Repeat)

Enjoying Everyday Life

Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer

  • Monday 3AM
  • Monday 5:30AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 9:30AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 9PM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 3AM
  • Tuesday 5:30AM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 9:30AM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 6:30PM
  • Tuesday 9PM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 3AM
  • Wednesday 5:30AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 9:30AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 9PM (Repeat)
  • Thursday 3AM
  • Thursday 5:30AM (Repeat)
  • Thursday 9:30AM (Repeat)
  • Thursday 9PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 3AM
  • Friday 5:30AM (Repeat)
  • Friday 9:30AM (Repeat)
  • Friday 9PM (Repeat)

Following Jesus with Tommy

Follow Pastor Tommy Lilja as he evangelizes, baptizes and heals the sick. From the Himalayas to Africa to Jerusalem, see what Jesus is doing around the world today.

  • Monday 11:30AM
  • Thursday 6:30PM
  • Friday 10:05AM


Grassroots with Angus Buchan

  • Saturday 10:05AM

Hillsong Kids

Join the Hillsong UK Kids Team for Bible stories, prayer, fun games, songs and crafts all designed to help children build a foundation of faith.

  • Tuesday 4:30PM
  • Saturday 7AM (Repeat)

Hope Generation with Ben Courson

Hope Generation as a whole; deals out hope galore; as our Hope Generator speaker; Ben Courson shares the holy optimism found in the Creator of the Universe; who's title is actually "The God of Hope."

  • Tuesday 5:30PM
  • Thursday 1:30AM (Repeat)
  • Friday 8:30PM

In Touch

In Touch Ministries is the broadcast teaching ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley

  • Saturday 2PM

Insights: Israel & The Middle East

Take an inside look at modern Israel, including stories of what Israel has accomplished in regards to technology, innovation, faith, and more.

  • Monday 9:30PM
  • Wednesday 10:05AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 11AM (Repeat)

Jewish Voice

Jewish Voice with Rabbi Jonathan Bernis

  • Monday 3:30PM

Joel Osteen

Overcomer with Joel Osteen

  • Monday 7AM
  • Tuesday 7AM
  • Wednesday 7AM
  • Thursday 7AM
  • Friday 7AM
  • Saturday 6:30AM

Joseph Prince

New Creation Church with Joseph Prince

  • Monday 7:30AM
  • Monday 12PM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 7:30AM
  • Tuesday 12PM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 6PM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 7:30AM
  • Wednesday 12PM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 6PM (Repeat)
  • Thursday 7:30AM
  • Thursday 12PM (Repeat)
  • Thursday 6PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 7:30AM
  • Friday 12PM (Repeat)

New Season with Samuel Rodriguez

New Season with Pastor Sam will usher in a "New Season" where individuals and families will no longer live in failure or merely survive but they will thrive for the glory of Jesus.

  • Monday 3:05PM

Partner Time

Hear from the team at TBN UK about what is going on this week at the London Studios.

  • Monday 7PM
  • Wednesday 1:30AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 9AM (Repeat)
  • Friday 11:30AM (Repeat)

Praise From London Worship Special: Volney Morgan & New Ye

Join Rae Rae, Volney Morgan and New Ye, for this Praise Special, as they shake the heavens with powerful worship and testimonies.

  • Monday 26 Jul 8PM
  • Friday 30 Jul 6PM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 31 Jul 3:30AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 01 Aug 10PM (Repeat)

State of Faith

Re-live how the message of Jesus travelled around the globe discover the lands of greatest growth for Christianity.

  • Saturday 03 Jul 12:30AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 07 Jul 7:30PM
  • Saturday 10 Jul 12:30AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 14 Jul 7:30PM
  • Saturday 17 Jul 12:30AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 21 Jul 7:30PM
  • Saturday 24 Jul 12:30AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 28 Jul 7:30PM
  • Saturday 31 Jul 12:30AM (Repeat)

Steven Furtick

The Elevation Experience, with Pastor Steven Furtick, focuses on the strength of God in our everyday struggles.

  • Monday 10:05AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 8:30PM


Superbook teaches children timeless moral truths and life lessons through the captivating, Bible-based adventures of two time-traveling children.

  • Friday 4:30PM
  • Saturday 8AM (Repeat)

TBN Meets

Get to know the ministers, worshippers and pioneers serving God in the UK today.

  • Monday 2AM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 1:30AM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 3:30PM (Repeat)
  • Thursday 7:30PM
  • Saturday 10PM (Repeat)

TBN Presents Christie John-Baptiste

Christie John Baptiste has a burning passion to see people come into a relationship with God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ. And to walk in His intended purpose and plan for their lives.

  • Monday 7:30PM
  • Tuesday 9AM (Repeat)
  • Thursday 4:30AM (Repeat)
  • Friday 11PM (Repeat)

TBN Presents: Jonny Pettman

Join Jonny Pettman, Pastor of Liberty Church London, as he explores how we can impact and influence our towns, cities and villages with the Kingdom of God.

  • Wednesday 11:30AM (Repeat)
  • Thursday 8:30PM
  • Friday 1:30AM (Repeat)

TBN Presents: Kemi Koleoso

Kemi Koleoso aims to draw you closer to God by giving fresh revelation of His person and power. Looking into the Bible to see what God says about himself, helping us to grow in our walk with the Almighty God.

  • Wednesday 7PM
  • Thursday 9AM (Repeat)
  • Friday 3:05PM (Repeat)

Transformation Church

Lead Pastors of Transformation Church, Pastors Michael and Natalie Todd share their passion to re-present God to the lost and found for transformation in Christ.

  • Monday 2:30AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 2:30PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 8PM

Word and Spirit

R.T. Kendall, author and pastor of Westminster Chapel for over 25 years, presents some of his favourite messages from his many years in ministry.

  • Monday 4:30AM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 8:30AM (Repeat)
  • Friday 9:30PM
  • Saturday 6AM (Repeat)