TBN UK Documentaries


The Impact of TBN

Pastor D Robinson hosts this encouraging programme looking at how TBN is impacting individuals and families with the message of Jesus.

  • Monday 03 Jan 11:30AM
  • Tuesday 04 Jan 10PM
  • Saturday 08 Jan 2:30AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 09 Jan 2PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 14 Jan 8:30PM
  • Saturday 15 Jan 5:30PM (Repeat)


Hosted by award-winning actor Dennis Haysbert and shot on location around the world, Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth explores the miraculous growth of the gospel of Jesus Christ,

  • Monday 03 Jan 11PM
  • Friday 07 Jan 5PM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 09 Jan 1:30AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 10 Jan 11PM
  • Friday 14 Jan 5PM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 16 Jan 1:30AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 17 Jan 11PM
  • Friday 21 Jan 5PM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 23 Jan 1:30AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 24 Jan 11PM
  • Friday 28 Jan 5PM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 30 Jan 1:30AM (Repeat)

Is God Dead?

Most people in the UK think that the church, Christianity, and faith are boring, untrue and irrelevant. But growing up as a Christian, award winning rapper, author and broadcaster, Guvna B had a different experience. This series follows Guvna B as he travels around the UK to explore stories of faith and to ask whether the church, Christianity and God are still relevant in 21st Century Britain.

  • Monday 10 Jan 6:30PM
  • Tuesday 11 Jan 10PM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 15 Jan 2:30AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 17 Jan 6:30PM
  • Tuesday 18 Jan 10PM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 22 Jan 2:30AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 24 Jan 6:30PM
  • Tuesday 25 Jan 10PM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 29 Jan 2:30AM (Repeat)

The Kingdom Life

When an evangelical filmmaker wrestles with the implications of a prophecy spoken over his own life, it sparks a quest to discover the manifestly supernatural life that is still available today.

  • Wednesday 12 Jan 8PM