Philippa Hanna On-Demand

Philippa Hanna and Brian Sumner

Creation Fest

Join Jordan and Milly from CBN Europe. As they go behind the scenes showing you everything that is going on at Creation Fest, the Christian Music Festival and Bible Week in Cornwall.

Philippa Hanna

Partner Time

Leon Schoeman meets with the award-winning Gospel singer-songwriter, Philippa Hanna

Christmas Special 2016

Praise from London

Christmas Praise special with Paul Baloche featuring Philippa Hanna and Noel Robinson.

Cynthia Garrett, June Sarpong, Sophia Barrett, and Philippa Hanna

Praise from London

Praise The Lord featuring Cynthia Garrett (host of the London Sessions and the Mini Sessions); TV presenter June Sarpong; Sophia Barrett, senior pastor of !Audacious Church; and worship led by Philippa Hanna.

Christmas Special 2015

Praise from London

Praise the Lord - Christmas Special with guest artists Philippa Hanna and The Tab London with your host Mike Pilavachi

Dave Gilpin and Philippa Hanna

Praise from London

Praise the Lord Hosted by Dave Gilpin with Worship by Philippa Hanna recorded live in London.

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