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Belle And The Beast October 21 12PM

Belle And The Beast

Belle Watson agrees to work for a reclusive millionaire to pay off a debt. As Belle gets to know him, she sees a kinder side to him than just the rough, rude exterior as society knows him.

Virtuous Saturday 8PM


Simone kills a man as he is assaulting her, and she is charged with murder. She hires attorney Jack Evans to help prove her innocence, but he cannot stop the prosecution from bringing up things from her past.

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  • 00:00 ORU Chapel
  • 01:00 TBN PLAY [Worship Block]
  • 01:30 Life Explored
  • 02:00 Mini Sessions
  • 02:30 Momentum
  • 03:00 Destiny
  • 03:30 The Word: One to One
  • 04:00 Word and Spirit
  • 04:30 Building Champions
  • 05:00 TBN PLAY [Worship Block]
  • 05:30 Grace Shouts Louder
  • 06:00 Ravi Zacharias
  • 06:30 Joel Osteen
  • 07:00 Hillsong Kids Junior: Cubbyhouse
  • 07:30 Jovis Bon Hovis
  • 08:00 Monster Truck Adventures
  • 08:30 Superbook
  • 09:00 VeggieTales
  • 09:30 Hillsong Kids: A Big Life
  • 10:00 Word For Today
  • 10:05 Grassroots
  • 10:30 Mini Sessions
  • 11:00 Watch Now - Through the Eyes of a Lion
  • 11:30 TBN Meets
  • 12:00 Belle And The Beast
  • 14:00 Big Church Day Out
  • 15:00 Turning Point
  • 16:00 Precious Memories
  • 17:00 Heaven On Earth
  • 18:00 Living Proof
  • 18:30 Hour Of Power
  • 19:30 TBN Meets
  • 20:00 Virtuous
  • 22:00 Hillsong Church London
  • 23:00 Momentum
  • 23:30 Steven Furtick
  • 00:00 TBN PLAY [Worship Block]
  • 00:30 Staying Power
  • 01:00 Now Living
  • 01:30 The Call To Ministry
  • 02:00 God Speaks Today
  • 02:30 Game Changers
  • 03:00 Praise
  • 04:00 The Treasures Of Grace
  • 04:30 Joseph Prince
  • 05:00 Live with Passion
  • 05:30 Grassroots
  • 06:00 Kingdom Connection
  • 06:30 Demystifying The Kingdom Of God
  • 07:00 Turning Point
  • 07:30 Winning Walk
  • 08:00 Joseph Prince
  • 08:30 The Spirit Contemporary Life
  • 09:00 Jesse Duplantis Ministries
  • 09:30 HTB Church
  • 10:00 Word For Today
  • 10:05 Power Point
  • 10:30 Freedom Church
  • 11:00 Heaven On Earth
  • 12:00 Daniel Kolenda
  • 12:30 Cornerstone – John Hagee
  • 13:30 The Catholic Guy Bruce Downes
  • 14:00 Destiny
  • 14:30 God Speaks Today
  • 15:00 The Potter's Touch
  • 15:30 Everyday Answers
  • 16:00 Leading The Way
  • 16:30 Robert Morris
  • 17:00 Ravi Zacharias
  • 17:30 Word and Spirit
  • 18:00 Joel Osteen
  • 18:30 Word For Today
  • 18:35 The Call To Ministry
  • 19:00 Momentum
  • 19:30 Partner Time
  • 20:00 Praise
  • 21:00 Caroline Leaf
  • 21:30 Life Explored
  • 22:00 TBN Conferences
  • 23:00 Winning Ways

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TBN Meets

TBN MEETS Beni Johnson

Leon Schoeman Meets Beni Johnson at Revival Alliance 2017 in Birmingham. Beni, along with her husband Bill Johnson, are Senior Leaders of Bethel Church, in Redding California.

Praise from London

Bishop Wayne Malcom, Andy Hawthorne, Jonathan Oloyede and New Rivers

Bishop Wayne Malcom hosts guests Andy Hawthorne, founder of The Message Trust and Jonathan Oloyede convener of the Global Day of Prayer. New Rivers band lead worship.

Big Church Day Out

Ep7 - Ruach City Church, King's Kaleidoscope, and Phil Wickham

Tom & Susi Smith present highlights from Ruach City Church, King's Kaleidoscope & Phil Wickham at BCDO 2016.


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United Pursuit - Head to the Heart

United Pursuit is an American Christian music worship band from Knoxville, Tennessee, where they started making music in 2008, but were founded in 2006. They have released two live albums, Live at the Banks House, and Simple Gospel.

Weekly Playlist

I AM THEY - Make A Way

I Am They is an American contemporary Christian music band from Carson City, Nevada, formed in 2011. The band consists of five members and are signed to Essential Records. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2015.

Weekly Playlist

Jermaine Dolly - You

As a solo artist, Dolly debuted in 2015 with "You." A promising start that showcased his beliefs, falsetto, and love for Marvin Gaye-styled rolling grooves, it peaked at number 20 on Billboard's Hot Gospel Songs chart that April. In early 2017, he issued "Come and Knock on My Door," the first single from his debut solo album, The Dolly Express, which followed later that May.

Weekly Playlist

Jenn Johnson - Nearness

"I stand, with so many questions. But You know, all of the answers. And whether, this side of Heaven, I know that You are the Healer."

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