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Island Of Grace August 19 12PM

Island Of Grace

Danger threatens them. Faith comforts them. Grace can save them.

Word For Today Saturday 10AM

Word For Today

For nearly 20 years, Bob Gass and his wife Debby have been writing The Word for Today as a spiritual kick-start to the day.

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  • 00:00 Watch Now - ORU Alive
  • 01:00 TBN PLAY [Worship Block]
  • 01:30 Praise Shorts
  • 02:00 The Mini Sessions
  • 02:30 Momentum
  • 03:00 Destiny
  • 03:30 Love Your Neighbours
  • 04:00 Word and Spirit
  • 04:30 Building Champions
  • 05:00 TBN PLAY [Worship Block]
  • 05:30 Grace Shouts Louder
  • 06:00 Ravi Zacharias
  • 06:30 Joel Osteen
  • 07:00 Hillsong Kids Junior: Cubbyhouse
  • 07:30 Jovis Bon Hovis
  • 08:00 Monster Truck Adventures
  • 08:30 Superbook
  • 09:00 VeggieTales
  • 09:30 Hillsong Kids: A Big Life
  • 10:00 Word For Today
  • 10:05 Grassroots
  • 10:30 The Mini Sessions
  • 11:00 Creation Fest
  • 11:30 TBN Meets
  • 12:00 Island Of Grace
  • 14:00 Open Book
  • 15:00 Turning Point
  • 16:00 Precious Memories
  • 17:00 Heaven On Earth
  • 18:00 Hour Of Power
  • 19:00 Living Proof
  • 19:30 TBN Meets
  • 20:00 Holy Ghost Reborn
  • 22:00 Jesus The Game Changer
  • 22:30 Why Israel Matters
  • 23:00 Momentum
  • 23:30 Bible Society - Word In Action
  • 00:00 TBN PLAY [Worship Block]
  • 00:30 Embracing The Challenge
  • 01:00 The Mum Show
  • 01:30 The Call To Ministry
  • 02:00 God Speaks Today
  • 02:30 Game Changers
  • 03:00 Praise
  • 04:00 The Treasures Of Grace
  • 04:30 Joseph Prince
  • 05:00 Live with Passion
  • 05:30 Grassroots
  • 06:00 Kingdom Connection
  • 06:30 Demystifying The Kingdom Of God
  • 07:00 Turning Point
  • 07:30 Winning Walk
  • 08:00 Joseph Prince
  • 08:30 The Spirit Contemporary Life
  • 09:00 Jesse Duplantis Ministries
  • 09:30 HTB Church
  • 10:00 Word For Today
  • 10:05 Power Point
  • 10:30 Freedom Church
  • 11:00 Heaven On Earth
  • 12:00 Daniel Kolenda
  • 12:30 Cornerstone – John Hagee
  • 13:30 The Catholic Guy Bruce Downes
  • 14:00 Destiny
  • 14:30 God Speaks Today
  • 15:00 The Potter's Touch
  • 15:30 Everyday Answers
  • 16:00 Leading The Way
  • 16:30 Robert Morris
  • 17:00 Joel Osteen
  • 17:30 Word and Spirit
  • 18:00 Ravi Zacharias
  • 18:30 Word For Today
  • 18:35 The Call To Ministry
  • 19:00 Momentum
  • 19:30 Partner Time
  • 20:00 Praise
  • 21:00 Caroline Leaf
  • 21:30 Praise Shorts
  • 22:00 TBN Conferences
  • 23:00 Winning Ways

Latest Videos

TBN Meets

TBN MEETS Karl Faase

Leon Schoeman Meets Karl Faase. Host of Jesus The Game Changer, based in Australia where he is the CEO of Olive Tree Media, an organisation producing programmes for Christian media and the local church.

Praise from London

Matt & Laurie Crouch and R.T. Kendall.

Recorded live, Praise from London features interviews, worship and news from around the world.

Big Church Day Out

Ep4 - Phil Wickham, for KING & COUNTRY, and John Mark McMillan

Tom & Susi Smith present highlights from Phil Wickham, for KING & COUNTRY, and John Mark McMillan at BCDO 2016.


Turning Point

Join Dr. David Jeremiah every Tuesday @ 7pm

You too can become an AUDIENCE MEMBER at one of our various live recordings.

TBN Play

Weekly Playlist

Josh Baldwin - Abraham

"The War Is Over" is the debut solo album from worship leader and songwriter, Josh Baldwin. The War Is Over marks Baldwin's first release with Bethel Music. In 2015, Josh and his family made the cross-country move from North Carolina to California, and this project reflects synonymous themes of taking an appointed journey into the unknown, motivated by the hope of promises that lie ahead. The project blends sonic elements that reflect Josh’s southern roots and where he is planted now. This album takes worshippers on a journey toward the reality that resurrection life was not meant to be experienced alone, but as a family.

Weekly Playlist

Turning Around - Hannah Ola

In a dark world, Turning Around shines the much needed Light of God's Love needed in a hurting world. "Turning Around speaks to every situation. Lyrically it declares powerful words of affirmation that will encourage anybody to expect a Turning Around of every negative situation to a positive”, says Hannah, whose 15 month old baby now greets her with the opening lines of the song, rather than the usual, “Mama”!

Weekly Playlist

Keep The Banner Flying High - Graham Kendrick

Graham says of the song: ‘It’s about pushing through weariness or discouragement, keeping our eyes on Jesus, doing the work he gives us to do and doing it together.’

Weekly Playlist

FoldingLights - Fear The Night

Michael Peter Ball is the artist behind FoldingLights. The intensity of his songs is born from the tension of the sometimes bleak, yet ever beautiful Irish landscape. He is equally at home performing on the stages of music venues around his native Belfast as he is leading worship in his home church.

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