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TBN Uncharted is the effort to establish indigenous, self-sustaining church planting movements within unreached people groups all over the world. We are currently establishing our first project located in Tanzania, East Africa. We are working side by side with local pastors to plant thousands of churches in unreached villages. The churches are exclusively started and led by Tanzanian men and women who have a passion to reach their own people, our goal is to work to get them the tools needed to continue planting. We are developing a 250 acre farm intended to be able to fund 100% of the church planting done in Tanzania. We currently have over 1,000 goats and 2,000 bee hives, and we desire to grow those numbers each year. We want to be able to shut down all giving and be able to build a system to allow Tanzanian pastors to reach their own people and funded within their country. 

Tanzania has the highest occurrence of albinism in the entire world. 1 out of every 1500 people in Tanzania are born an albino and this has created a difficult life for these people. Living on the equator fills their lives with excruciating pain. This people group suffer from severe burns from the sun almost always resulting in red blisters and tumors, not to mention their eyes are sensitive to the sun, resulting in becoming legally blind at a young age. Without help and education, they have no chance to live a normal life. What makes it even worse is the local witchcraft beliefs cause them to be hunted for their limbs. It is a widespread belief that the arm or leg of an albino will bring good luck or ward off evil spirits. What a hard life these people have, and it is our goal to show them the love of Christ by caring for their most basic needs.