Support and Prayer

Only a few days ago I sent an email requesting a healing prayer for my Sister-In- Law who is seriously ill and I would like to thank you all for your prompt response. It is very supportive and comforting to know that people we have never met are happy to take the time to pray for and with strangers. Thank you all most sincerely. 

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Two quick TBN Programmes I would just like to mention, the first was hearing my favourite Christian musician and Christian namesake, Chris Tomlin on Good Friday hosting and singing on a Good Friday Special. I cried with delight that Chris was actually on this channel, broadcasting a special Good Friday extravaganza from his US hometown. Just most recently though I also was amazed at Zach Williams singing “Fear is a liar” on Max Lucado’s “Fearless” programme just last Sunday gone. The acting of the actors in that video, brought tears to my eyes with my mouth wide open in emotion. A Beautiful song from a guy with an amazing voice. God bless you all.

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Mysterious Ways!

Dear all, thank you for praying for me. The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways! I have been trying to get out of an unhappy relationship, and thank you for your prayers regarding that, but I ended up witnessing for the first time ever and now my partner is watching Joyce with me! So please remove me from your prayer list with a big tick! Thank you so much, you have really kept me going for the past few months. May God richly bless you all.

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Coming through Victorious

I have to tell you that your network has given me a lifeline through so many storms that hit us in life. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Without this wonderful Station I could not come through victorious. I have trusted God through every situation knowing he will deliver me. Thank you for your support.

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Thank you for your prayers and all the excellent programs you have on your channel. They have inspired me and given direction and support when I have needed it. I feel God is empowering me as I am training new employees at the moment. I feel honoured and blessed to be their mentor and I am being used as a vessel to teach them the correct way.  I am also passing down my experiences in dealing with the current situation with all aspects of Covid19 and shielding someone with autism to protect them and promote social distancing for them as my service users can't grasp the concept of this. Bless you all in Christ. Amen.

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Mercy Ships

What a privilege it’s been to help amplify the voices of inspiring doctors and experts in Africa as they face Covid-19 - many thanks to TBN UK for making these Mercy Ships interviews possible.

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Filling up the Silence

TBN UK is my church now. Everything on the channel is positive, the teaching is good and the music is excellent. Filling up the silence in the home, as I live alone.

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TBN UK is incredible, I have been blessed so much by the programmes and their content. All the preaching and teaching has helped me grow in my walk with our king Jesus. I live on my own so having TBN UK to encourage me and keep me going has been invaluable to me. Dr Charles Stanley, Bobby Schuller, Joyce Meyer, Jack Graham and Angus Buchan with his hat and horse always tickles me, they are my favourites, and Sue Owen’s prayers are pretty awesome too. Praise and worship is fab also. Thank you so, so much!  I pray the Lord will continue to bless all who are involved in TBN UK with His divine favour of provision.

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Speaking in Tongues

I was watching the Channel and suddenly started speaking in tongues. Thank you TBN UK.

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