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The right connections are crucial for purposes and achievements and fulfilling assignments. Thank you Elder Sharlette

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TBN Presents: Gery Malanda

Thank you Brother Gery for teaching us in a gentle way about how we can be born again to enable our legal rights as a believer. Praise to God! Thanks to TBN UK for this forecast.

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When God Speaks: Rev David Peterson's Story

I recently lost my son at 34 weeks pregnant and it has been such a hard thing to go through but God has remainded God! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. While He stays the same, I got to experience Him in a completely new way. Praise his Holy name! I completely related to this story. Thank you so much for sharing Rev David!

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Joyce Meyer

My son needs to hear this as encouragement for the tribulation he is in right now.

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I Believe - Miracles part 1

I'm growing in faith and this is very inspiring, thankyou.

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I Believe with Chlo Glassborow

This is amazing Chlo. Bless you.

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I Believe: Holy Spirit part 1

Excellent and inspiring teaching

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Hour of Power

Another fabulous episode of Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller. Thank you TBNUK

Miss P
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Surrounded with Michael W Smith

I was uplifted by the special this evening with Michael W Smith. Great worship music and wonderful to see Christians of all ages singing together. As well as his comforting messages inbetween. Thank you God, thank you tbn.

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