Think with Andrew Wilson

I've just listened to Andrew Wilson for the first time. I'm impressed. I will be listening again to that episode as it will help me to answer unbelievers' questions and then I can be more open about my faith. Thank you Andrew and thank you TBN UK. I learn more from watching this channel than by going to church.

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TBN Play

TBN Play is getting better and better. Thanks for staying under God’s anointing

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Praise with TD Jakes

I’ve just watched the Praise interview with Bishop T.D Jakes. I’ve never ever heard such a moving word on the feelings of the black community. It made me sit up and ask God what I can do. Wow what a powerful word. Thank you so much.

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TBN Presents: David Peterson

Hello to the team at TBN, I want to let you know how much I am excited to see the wonderful charismatic, charming, funny, joyful Reverend David Peterson's new series. I really love him!

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Walking Like Jesus

Thank you so much for Daniel Chand's series. He has so much energy and generosity of spirit. I love listening to him. He is a great teacher and encourager.

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Forward Thinking

We watched a ground breaking talk show called Forward Thinking and they were having a discussion about bullying. Well done TBN it's so affirming and great to see a balanced panel covering a destructive issue that affects a wide spectrum of society not least our young people, well done again and thank you for giving our young people positive role models to see and hear and giving practical help and advice in a Christian context

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Toddlers, Teens and Inbetweens

"Do the basics brilliantly" 💡 so good! Tell your parents thanks for that golden advice! 💛✨

Clarity Mag
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Praying Grace

Dear TBN UK, We want to say a big thank you for our recent partnership gift “Praying Grace” by David A. Holland. Wow what a book, it’s transformed our prayer lives as we’ve grown in our understanding of our identity in Christ, the finished work of Jesus on the cross and God’s amazing grace.

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Joyful Promise

Can we please have more of Pastor Joshua and his joyful messages, because every time I watch him his truth and sincerity automatically make me smile from ear to ear and I shout thanks and blessings at the TV when his messages finish each time! Please pass on to him my sincere appreciation - he has replaced my evening alcoholic drink once and for all!

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