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The Potter's Touch

T.D. Jakes this morning. Praise the Lord!

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Got Questions

Really good conversation! Thank you

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The Black History Project

Awesome choir. Dedicated, devoted and expression of emotion with an informative message

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Big Church Festival

Thank you Dante. This is awesome.

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TBN Presents: Mimi Ajala

Beautiful came to me at the right time. GOD bless you

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Melanated Stories

Very authentic and rich conversation. Loved every minute of it

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Fit For Purpose: Matters of the Church and Life

Good to see the youth of today contributing in such eloquent fashion

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TBN Presents: Lavanya Dua

I recommend you watch TBN Presents Dr Lavanya Dua which you can watch on demand. She gives very good practical advice on how to have good mental health.

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Mercy Ships

My heart goes out to all who serve the people and God on the Mercy Ship. Blessings to all who are treated by such devoted and loving people.

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