When God Speaks

That was so awesome and so touching. May God bless you always, please keep me and my family in your prayers. Amen

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Better Together

Thank you TBN UK for the very wonderful programmes you air. Just watched Better Together. Amazing people amazing programme. Thank you so very very much.

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Dove Awards

so anointed praise God Hallelujah Lord Jesus

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The Chosen Unveiled

The Chosen Unveiled is very interesting, giving us the religious and cultural backround to the times of Jesus. I have learned a lot by watching this show. Thank you Rabbi Sobel and thank you tbn uk.

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Sacred Harmony Easter Specials

Another very special half hour of beautiful, touching music, song and readings presented by Simon Lole; this time to commemorate Good Friday. Thank you so much to everyone involved in making Sacred Harmony for this gift.

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Power of the Resurrection

Powerful message yet again. The whole series has been brilliant, inspiring and brings you where we are always meant to be, in the centre of God and seeking to share Him and pass on the Good News to others. This is and will ever be the greatest love story ever. Thank you so much for how you have delivered these amazing messages Elder Sharlette. Looking forward to the last one in this series, and hope you deliver more messages and series, to the glory of God.

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700 Club

I love watching your 700 club and listening to people's stories, it fills me with hope.

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Thank you

Thank you Jesus. Thank you father and thank you Holy Spirit for leading bringing to the Rock Christ. I am saved by Grace through faith in Jesus. Christ

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The Chosen

Felt emotional. Been praying for this. It's wonderful to see and be able to access such a great quality programme, with amazing actors. Teaching the bible stories and being able to share it with friends and family. I have already posted this to facebook and I've only watched the first one but I know it's going to continue to amaze.

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