God Speaks Today

Just watched Andy Croft, amazing amazing talk. What an amazing speaker too, so relate able, real, kind. Perfect program for me today, I have been so blessed by TBN am going to partner with you as you are brining us quality teaching and life inspiring media. A million thanks Linda

Blessed by TBN

Thank You

Hi, I am dropping you a quick line to say thank you for the amazing service you provide. What TBN does is awesome and i'm sure making a huge difference around the world. I've just finished watching Mike White on "Momentum" and it's really encouraged and prompted me to put my house in order so that I can move into and transition into receiving God's best for the rest of my life. Have been going round in circles for many years. God Bless.

Feeling Encouraged


For Richard Fleming: I have just watched your chatting with Dr Calvin Samuel and I am ENCOURAGED by the answers to your fabulously relevant and interesting questions. Thank you so much for the time you spent in the presence of God thinking about the questions you would put to Dr Calvin. I, too, would have loved you both to continue talking because it was such an uplifting time. I was moved by Holy Spirit because you both were 'holy' without you even realising. I'm a nobody in the eyes of many, but as was shared holiness of God is seen in, even the nobodies, because Loving God will take our comparatively 'small' love for Him and He will MAKE it ever so holy and for His glory! I'm ENCOURAGED. Thank you again. God's favour.

Donna Q.

TBN UK Rocks!

Just now I watched some awesome preaching on a program called Disciple. It was awesome because God gave me the message that I needed to hear - guard your heart; especially at Christmas when there are temptations. I'm glad that program (not just because of the heart stuff) was broadcast around the country just now - must have made the big guy very happy :)

John B.
Guard your heart

Freeview 65

Great Britain and the Isles desperately needed a Christian broadcaster on the Freeview platform. I firmly believe Channel 65 dedicated to the Christian faith was an answer to prayer. Today, Sunday two local churches were closed due to an overnight snowfall. Thank God our nation's people can tune in to TBN U.K. We Pray that they will do just that and receive the Word and blessings that await them. Amen.

Thank you for the good programme content


Love your channel, I watch regularly.

Nicki R.
Love your channel

Thank you so much for the "It's time" event.

Thank you so much for the "It's time" event. "It's TIME" to host it in the UK and the TBN family all over the world. We need to impact the world in the same way as it has impacted South Africa. When are we going to have an "It's time event? The time is NOW!

It's Time South Africa

Vital Channel

TBN has been great for helping me to grow in the faith. God truly uses TBN in lots of ways and I am glad so many people get to view it. The gospel is going out to lots of homes - amazing bring revival Father God I'm willing.

John B.
Helping me to grow in Faith

The music is amazing

I love this program. I find that I watch it and always feel inspired and uplifted and that's great, that such a simple program that talks of love and belief can create such an impact and ripple affect. The music is also amazing, I always make sure to look up the songs I get inspiration from, and play them at the start of my day to give me a positive attitude for the day to come. Thanks so much for this program.

I love this program

Thank you!

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for setting up TBN. I've been watching it since January and I love it! I've been telling my home group (and anyone else that will listen!) to watch it. I've been healed through a healing prayer that was given on TBN and I really feel like God speaks to me through much of what I watch on TBN. I try and watch it as much as I can. Thanks again for all that you do! Keep up the great work.

TBN Supporter

Anointed ministry

I thank God for this anointed ministry. Here I am at my son's house and following you on my mobile phone. I love the sense of worship, teaching and family of God that now enriches the air ways. Bless the Lord for you all.

Geoff A.
I thank God for this anointed ministry

Watching Big Church Day Out

I am 77yrs old and watching Big Church Day Out at the moment and really enjoying it. Listening what Jesus has done for people form all around the world.

Love Hearing about Jesus

London sessions

Loved London sessions tonight! First time watching, and will definitely watch again. I watched through the online stream. Cynthia's a great host! So personable and natural. Really relevant and loved the scriptures at the end! Keep up the good work TBNUK! Oh and a little side note, that Jenn Baker can preach! ;-)

Keep up the good work TBNUK!

A BIG thank you...keep pressing forward

A big thank you to TBN for having the vision, faith and motivation to put Christian broadcasting on our TV - long may it last! Like many people we were convicted to become a partner but just never got round to doing so. Today I am pleased to say we stopped having good intentions and did something about it. May God bless and multiply your ministry. Thank you once again. The Turner family.

The Turner Family
A big thank you to TBN

Thank you

I watch and listen to Joseph Prince at least once a day and this has proved to be such a wonderful blessing in my life. I also love Spirit Contemporary and Jesse Duplantis makes me laugh! I am 72 years of age and still young and healthy. God bless you all!’

Thanks for what you do. God bless you all!!

Family church

We love watching family church on the tv, as we attend this church it gives us another chance to listern to Gods word, Pastor Andy is a great teacher and Pastor and cares very much about the community and seeing people saved. God bless you and all Gods people

We love watching family church

Thanks for being on Freeview!

Really enjoyed interview with J.John, and good to see Jonathan there too, real genuine men of God. The Gospel is an invitation and the journey with Jesus is a relationship not a set of principles - so simple, so clear, this is the message the UK needs. So good i took notes!!

Susan S.
Community worker

TBN UK is an absolute blessing to UK

TBN UK is an absolute blessing to UK. It is like heaven coming down. I m enjoying my every day life with Joyce Meyer. When I M down, the next thing what I will do I will switch TBN UK and got encouraged. I would like appreciated each and every one who are working for this ministry. May god bless this channel to reach more and more people. One day while Jesus coming back you will see what you are doing is not a small thing

Thank You

Praise The Lord

I was so blessed by Pastor Ziga n Dr David. Wow I stayed up till late because I was so touched by their ministration. They were so energetic and jumping; now that is God using the foolish things to confound the wise! God bless them both and TBN!

Naomi T.
I was so blessed

Praise The Lord UK - Aired 18th Feb 2016

I'm watching this edition of Praise The Lord and I am so moved by the Holy Spirit to send you this. I am just in tears and overwhelmed by how much this show blessed me. God is truly using Patrick Regan mightily in the Kingdom. I am blown away by his passion to change the lives of the next generation! A true message of hope! To God be the Glory. I pray God continues to bless and elevate XLN to soar high, change lives and win souls for Christ.

Nicole R.
Praise The Lord UK - Aired 18th Feb 2016


I began watching from day 1. This is an amazing, God centered, anointed channel. So much variety and well presented. Thank you to everyone involved and may you continue to be God's blessing to many.


A note of appreciation

I consider TBN the only Christian channel trustworthy. I watch Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince daily and i am very satisfied with your coverage. I know that God will bless your channel. May all that work for the Gospel be mightily blessed in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

God Bless your channel

Thank you!

I just wanted to encourage all at TBNuk that your channel has become a massive source of encouragement to me and helping me to lead a God focused lifestyle. Thank you! God bless. :)

Encouragement for TBNUK

Ps Joseph Prince

Dear TBN UK, I have been watching some of Pastor Prince's preaching at the New Creation Church. Its wonderful stuff!! :-)

Roger J.
Wonderful teachings

The programs I've been listening to have been so uplifting and healing.

I have always loved your program and enjoyed it. Recently I learnt I needed surgery and chemotherapy. As a suggestion...a program of someone or different people reading the Bible would be wonderful. 'Faith cometh from hearing the Word'. Sometimes I just want to hear the Bible read out allowed.

Cheryl G.
Thank you and Bless you all again.

Thank You

Thank you for the books we have just received. It is a privilege to be partnering with you as TBN is such a wonderful ministry. We are blessed to watch your programmes and have recently been so inspired by the series with RT Kendall. We are especially praying for your channel to bring the good news of Jesus to people who stay in hotels, as they flick through the channels looking for something interesting to watch.....they could find nothing better than TBN!

Ruth S.

Making Sense of Your Dreams Series

I am really enjoying this series with Tony Cooke. Having always taken great interest in dreams and learning through this biblical teaching is just what I have been looking for. The problem is it is huge subject and I would really like to thank TBN will continue with more series. God bless you all.

Really enjoying this series with Tony Cooke

Thank you for your prayers

My family and I thank God for you and pray God brings many more souls to salvation through your ministry in Jesus Name Amen!! Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray.

Have a blessed and anointed 2017 TBN

Happy viewer

I enjoy a lot of your programmes and am very pleased to have this wonderful uplifting service, on Freeview.

Alan M.
Happy viewer

Exciting times

Absolutely love watching and listening to Robbie Dawkins, more please! This is what the church needs NOW, so many hurting people out there, waiting for a touch from Jesus, through His believers. Exciting times!

Robbie Dawkins

Thank you

Me and my husband love TBN UK and have watched from the very beginning We love the programmes especially Joyce Meyer Praise the Lord All Worship Testimonies Rev Andrew White John Hagee and Sid Roth So inspiring and encouraging We want to be partners and sow into this amazing ministry Having this channel in our home is so precious God bless TBN

Sharon C.
Thank you

God bless this station

There are some real gems of Christian programming featured on the station. I have really been enjoying the Hour of Power broadcasts on a Saturday evening - especially as my non-church attending spouse also watches the HOP broadcast with me - Joseph Prince of New Creation Church and Pastor Hagee are also becoming firm favourites. I consider TBNUK - and the programming provided, free to millions of UK homes - to be playing a vital role of support in the worship life of many UK Christians who need guidance and spirit filled encouragement outside of the normal Church environment on a Sunday.

Philip B.
Thank you so much for TBNUK

God bless you all

I thank the Lord for the benefits through the teaching via TBN programmes. So many wonderful speakers. Keep up the good work and may God bless you all as you seek to show us the way we should be taking.

So many wonderful speakers

Sunday Worship

What a wonderful line up of programmes for Sunday Afternoon. My three favourite ministers, Bishop TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar and Joel Osteen. I know the Holy Spirit will be present in all three programmes and I wait to be blessed.

Lynn G.
What a wonderful line up

David Jeremiah

Our Bible Study group of older ladies is really being blessed by David Jeremiah's studies on the Seven Churches. Thank you.

Frances A.
Thank You

Many thanks to TBN

I am so blessed to have discovered you. You are God sent. You have brought my life closer to God. My life is occupied and more meaningful. Am a pensioner, my TV is on 24/7. I completed Joyce Meyer 3030 Challenge and that got me started. Am now studying Ephesians. I love listening to Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Jesse Duplantis, he makes me laugh, young Caleb Alalade, John Hagee, Joseph Prince and of course, TD Jakes. I could go on and on! God bless you all I pray that we grow stronger, in Jesus Name Amen 👍👍👍

Vida Y.
I am so blessed to have discovered you


Hi, TBN is so great, I just don't watch anything else now. I love that you don't have ads. There is such a variety of programs; I have so many favorites, Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince, RT Kendall ; Richard and Leon together [and apart!]; Cynthia Garrett, Jesse Duplantis, Robby Dawkins; Darren Wilson; TBN Music and Big Church day out; Bob Gass; the Potters Touch; Jerry Dirman; Robert Morris; all the interviews; Bethel Church; Destiny Church; and of course the irrepressible Ray Bevan with my favourite prayer EVER, the "I don't know what to do prayer" It's just brilliant! I also love the TBN sponsor a minute ad, also brilliant. What more can I say; sorry if I left anyone out! Keep on putting it out there, it's just phenomenal.

Cate O.
TBN is so great!

I love this program.

I love this program, because it's so good. I enjoy the Praise the Lord UK & US, Joseph Prince Ministries, Joyce Meyer Ministries and all the rest. Thank you.

Liuda T.
Sheffield south Yorkshire uk.

Praise Report

Well done for brilliant programming, you're doing a wonderful job.

Peter R.
Cambridge, UK

Praise Report

The programmes on TBN have been life changing for me. I've been a Christian for years but was still trapped in sin. By watching Joseph Prince and hearing the Gospel of Grace I experienced true freedom and have been released from a vice that held me captive. Thank you TBNUK and keep up the good work.

Gospel of Grace


So loving pastor Mike White, his words reaches me and also inspires me TBN UK, thanks a lot for all the explanations, programmes. ...means so much as I journey along this path.

Carland M.
Loving Ps Mike White

Thanks for Freeview TBN UK!

Just over two weeks ago I came across Channel 65 on my Freeview box!! I could hardly believe it and was so delighted! Myself and my husband have been SO blessed by the whole range of programmes available on the Channel! We enjoy the Praise the Lord UK & US, Joseph Prince Ministries, Joyce Meyer Ministires and all the rest. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We will definitely be supporting you on a monthly basis! Bless you all at TBN UK for revealing the Lord to this land!!

Maria F.

Friday Nights

A note to say that the highlights of my Friday night are Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen ministry programmes. Im even taking notes like the audience and then feel so energised by their inspiring and exciting ways of communicating, that by 10:30pm I am struggling to sleep! But in a very good way! Their programmes are giving me plenty of wise words - for example, as I am approaching giving birth for the first time in October, its going to be a greater comfort knowing that my mum, my husband, AND JESUS will be holding my hand all the way.

Claire H.
Thank You!

All programmes

I wish to say how much TBN is giving me comfort following a recent family bereavement. It is helping me to develop a deeper understanding of the scriptures through your ministers teachings and how that can be applied to my life. I am a Christian and have attended church in the past. My faith is stronger than ever as a result of this invaluable TV channel. Thank you!

All programmes

Truly Thankful

Your awesome programme's/teaching's and wonderful worship, never fail In bringing God to meet me, right where I'm at on my journey of faith- Constantly! You are a key encouragement and true blessing! Love to you all, in Christ Jesus.

Rich B
Thank you TBNUK!

This Channel is Great, Thank You All for Your Work!

Went on to the TBN UK Website - Love it! Watch TBN UK - Feels so real, like, I've watched other channels before and it's seemed a bit false, but the Pastors/Teachers (Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer and T D Jakes to name but a few. Was blessed by watching Max Lucado yesterday when he talked about Gratitude. God is a-mazing) I've watched on TBN UK are all real to me, and their message enthralling. Thank God for inspiring this channel to be made. Love the Graphics of the Website and TV Channel. May God bless you all for being a blessing to so many.

Islington, London

TBN uk

I absolutely love the content on TBN UK. I especially love that the music videos are diverse and show people both young and old. Please keep it up because it's so good that there is variety and quality coming from the body of Christ. I am so blessed and encourage you to keep allowing the Holy Spirit to give you more creative ideas. God bless you!

Blessed and encouraged

Good Programmes

We love TBN and thank you for your faithfulness to bring such good programmes that really are a Godsend to us at this time in our lives. We have been encouraged challenged and inspired by John Hagee Ministries, Joshua Joy Dara, Joseph Prince, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer to name but a few. We love our daily intake of TBN and have told lots of friends about the channel.

We love TBN

Thank you.

I am from South Africa, found myself very alone in a new country...TBN was the best blessing!😀❤ thank you TBN

Adre D.
Love TBN


Since finding your channel I have been so enthused. It has enabled me to walk further in my walk with Jesus. The Father supplies all our needs, your station enables me to have constant sermons, music, praise and worship throughout my home. I have told so many about the station and all have been Blessed. Thank you for all the hard work, time, effort but mostly love. United in Christ Carol.

Carol L.
Bilston Wolverhampton