Declaration 2021

#Declaration2021 "Heroes know how to PRAY" @TBNUKtv @Tearfund #tearfund #Heroes #Crisis #mandatetopray

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Christian films

I do always like to watch the @TBNUKtv evangelical Christian films that are always broadcast on a Saturday.

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Thank you

6 awesome years!! I remember waiting for Jan. 5th to come back then!! So grateful that you are on Freeview - thank you to all of you at TBNUK! πŸ€©β€πŸ™πŸΌ

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Spiritual Assurance

TBN UK on Freeview Channel 65 & Sky Channel 582 This channel has provided me with so much spiritual assurance over the past year. God bless.

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Celia Apeagyei

@TBNUKtv Very encouraged by #Declaration2021. Pastor Celia’s Word yesterday was life changing! Heroes Wanted!

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Congratulations TBNUK for 6 amazing years! You are a blessing to humanity. Your inspiring programmes help us sail through life's journey with confidence, knowing God is with us throughout the journey. May the Lord increase you more and more as you continue spreading The Good News. A Big Thank You To All At TBNUK.

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Amy Orr-Ewing: A Study on Esther

@amyorrewing Just watched one of your talks on the Book of Esther on TBNUK. It was excellent. Much appreciated. I've the next one recorded and waiting. πŸ™

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Bishop Francis

Powerful powerful word from Bishop John Francis

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Loving Declaration 2021!!! I feel the spirit moving making changes, oh how my heart is filled watching and listening. Joining in with the prayers for others xx

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